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You Are The Sum Of Your Choices

You Are the Sum of Your Choices
Though we may not want to admit it sometimes, I believe that we all create our lives and attitudes by our choices. We can choose and focus on being optimistic or pessimistic.

I believe that where we are in any area of our lives is a result of our decisions, and actions before this moment. If we choose to be healthy, working in a particular field, having a healthy home life, our relationships, and even the state of our finances is all about our choices. The greatest thing about living in this fine country is that we have many freedoms that most in the world do not. We can work where we want, live where we want, choose to own a home, marry a spouse, have children or own a business. If we choose to be optimistic or pessimistic, that too is a choice and a result of our actions that we take.

We are responsible for our lives:

If we want to have a secure financial future when we retire, that means we need to be saving when we are young (unless we plan to work until we die) and making wise decisions with expenses and debts. If we want to own a business, this means we need to investigate the feasibility of the business, perform business planning and take action to make it happen. If we wan to be fit and healthy, that means we need to eat right and exercise now. Where we are is a result of the decisions that we have made up until this time.

There is always time to change:
I believe that anyone can change anything in their lives at any time if they have enough desire to learn what it is they need to do, make a decision to actually do it and get ourselves to take actions needed to make it happen. There are many stories of people that are in, what many would consider their later stages in life, doing things like climbing mountains, starting businesses, going back to school, getting into completely new careers and many other amazing things. The tough part is getting ourselves to take action.
Attitude: Are you optimistic or pessimistic:
I also believe that having a positive attitude is crucial in changing our lives and achieving goals or creating change. This does not mean ignoring problems, or telling yourself that things will be just fine if you do not take steps to make it that way. Working in many fields such as quality assurance, customer service and in law enforcement can mean dealing with nothing but problems, crises, bad news and negativity. It is easy to get drawn down into a negative attitude as a result. You start to find fault with everything, and “lose your joy”. This is why I feel it is very important to take steps to maintain a positive attitude. Here are a few things that I have found to help, working in the field that I have chosen (Quality Assurance):
1) Start the day with something positive like a self-help book or audio. Some of my favorites are Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Chris Widener, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. Don’t just turn to the news channels that may be filled with the problems that took place the night before, or your recorded soap operas or reality shows.
2) Be thankful. Reflect on the things that you have to be thankful for every day. What is great about your life, job, employer, spouse and children? If you do not reflect on these regularly it is easy forget about them and take them for granted.
3) Review your life goals daily (or at least monthly) and reflect on where you are, what progress have you made and what is the next step? If we do not write these goals down and more importantly “review them regularly”, they will not happen and become more of a “someday I’ll” or a “wish” list.
4) Self Reflection. I find it important to reflect every day (either morning or evening – or both) on what took place over the past day, what you could or should have done differently and how you will make it so the next time. This is how we grow as a person. Otherwise we continue to make the same mistakes.
I have worked in the quality field for 3 decades now and have worked with a lot of different people. Some very positive and some very negative. I have seen folks let the negativity of working in the field of customer complaints and problems take serious effects on their health and the personal lives.
Choose to be positive and take the necessary steps to improve your life in all areas.