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Company Culture Is Management Controlled

Some of the most commonly cited mechanisms for changing company culture are as follows:

1) Formal statments of mission, vision, quality policy, values, etc (These are set by Management).

2) The physical design and organization of work spaces (desk layout, cubicles, no walls, departmental segregation, etc..) (These are set by Management)

3) Slogans, sayings, language used, etc… (Driven by or accepted by Management)

4) Deliberate new employee orientation, socialization or training programs (Set by Management) 

5) Reward systems (promotions, awards, status symbols, etc..) that are reinforced by the organization (Set by Management)

6) Company stories, legends, tales, etc.. that are talked about and cherished by key people at key events. This is used to reinforce what is thought to be important to an organization. (These are also Management reinforced)

7) Organizational structure or systems (org charts, etc…) (Designated by  Management)

8) Organizational Goals – leading to departmental and personal goals (Established by Management)

In analyzing these it becomes apparent that the culture that exists within an organization is determined mainly by Management either directly by policies or by what is reinforced on an ongoing basis.

Keeping this in mind, it reinforces the fact that company cultures can be changed if Management is willing to commit to doing what it requires to instill these new beliefs, attitudes and actions and has the right Managemt personnel in place that support these values.

Even with the right personnel in place company culture change can still sometimes take a period of time to have the desired results.

As is the case with many company initiatives culture definitely starts at the top.