Monthly Archives: May 2011

How do you know if you are working on the “Right” things?

It is easy to get side-tracked working on small things that will not give you the most “bang for your buck”. Many times we get sucked into working on either things that are not relevant to the “big picture” or are just “busy work”.

That is the million dollar question – what one thing should I be working on right now?

Here is a list of questions that might help you in working on the most important things everyday?

1) What is your ideal “Vision” for your role either at work, home, etc..? (role can be your job, your role as parent, etc…). Phrased differently, what would the perfect parent, manager, etc.. be striving to do, be or have? 

2) If you were to list the high level goals and activities that the “ideal” person in this role should be doing – what would they be?

3) Make a “to do” list everyday to guide your daily activities.

4) Ask yourself – Do the daily activities on my ‘to do” list lead to the high level goals, objectives and “vision” that I identified for this ideal?

5) If not you need to alter your course and make sure that each day you are working toward progress on the high level objectives. It is easy getting lured into doing easy, “busy work” type tasks to get personal gratification of having accomplished “something” even if this “something” is of low importance in the big scope of things.

Make every moment count!!