Process Based QMS – Part II

Let’s now get into the actual components of the process using the SIPOC diagram.

To review:

S= Supplier (where do the required inputs come from?)

I= Inputs (what is needed to conduct the specified process?)

P= Process (what is the specific process being analyzed?)

O= Output (what are the immediate outputs of the process – including measureables/ metrics)

C= Customer (who receives the outputs of the process?)

I find it best to start with the P (Process) section. You need to make sure that you have defined the scope of the process properly. If it is too wide in scope you will have difficulties. Define the steps involved in the process.

next focus on the output. What are ALL of the outputs of the process? This includes information, products or services, etc… Also look at which of these outputs are key outputs that should be measured/ monitored to verify that the process is effective. When identifying the metrics of a process consider who will gather the data, when, how, how often and who and how will it be analyzed to decide when corrective action is required/ appropriate.

finally, we look at the Customer stage. this merely means who are the recipients of the outputs of the process. This should include both internal and external customers as well as your management review process since there is data that can be fed into your management review process.

Once all of the pieces of the puzzle are defined and working you need to make sure that you have a method for the Process Owners to review and act on the data  (metrics0 from the process as well as the data being an input to your management review process.

At this phase your goal is to make this the “new culture” (way of doing business which can sometimes be challenging. As we all know people will resist change even if it makes complete sense.

The End.

Remember – if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.

E-mail me with any questions on the proces based Approach to your QMS.



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